The Rull Family

We could not have been given a better or more lovely day. It snowed and rained and the wind stung but all before we stepped into the woods. The trees just dripped with snowflakes and the light bounced up of the snowy forest floor. I know winter isn't everyone's thing but I just LOVE it for photos. You never know what March will hold I am so glad the Rulls were brave enough to invite me to adventure out into the snow. Ashley chose the most gorgeous location! ♥  

Baby Madison

This is the first session I have ever shot this dark. I kind of love it. It is high drama lighting for a high drama lady.

Madison is a princess, with standards and expectations and she is willing to share her opinions.

Its nice to be in the presence of royalty. I am so glad she graced the studio for a morning and let me capture her great big smiles. 

Amelia the Birthday Girl

This princess was very committed to making teeth, wearing every necklace in sight and staying clean at all costs. A very proper little lady with big beautiful eyes and a winning grin she made me earn. Such a pleasure. 

Baby Paige

We have a winner! She is officially the quietest, snuggliest, most eager to take pictures baby I have ever had the pleasure to work with this year. And there was some competition...

Paige was happy when she was warm and when she was allowed to curl up into the tightest little ball. I was completely smitten.