The Pink Family

The great thing about my job is I get to help families make time capsules. I watch their children grow in leaps and bounds every 6 months or so. Prim and Jude brought their parents along this time which was even more fun. They're only little for a short while, so it's wonderful to capture those snuggles and tickles while they're here.  

The Steenson Family

It can be hard to wake up from a nap, especially if your parents wake you up and  take you to the chilly outside. Eileen was one tough cookie. She wasn't thrilled to be hanging out in a November railroad track but she made the best of it and she enjoyed her parents snuggles and kisses the whole time. 

Baby Haney

She was my second baby in a week who was just way too old for this kind of thing. A late arrival to begin with she was a whopping 4 weeks when she popped by the studio. She was an amazing model, she grinned and slept and kept her messes to herself which is very high praise. 

Baby Oliver

He was WAY too big for this kind of thing and was kind enough to remind me more than once on that point. "My arms don't squish like that lady!!!" In the end he went above and beyond. Oliver is just adorable!