Azaliah and Josiah

I feel so incredibly blessed every time a family shares their twins with me and I felt every so lucky this time round because Azaliah and Josiah are brother and sister! I leaned pretty heavily into the salt and pepper, all boy, all girl theme and I just adored my little models. I was charmed to see how different two little people born within minutes of each other can be. That Azaliah is going to keep her brother on his toes and Josiah is going to be one very patient young man. 

Baby Austin

I have been meeting so many "oldborns" of late, and I have been overjoyed to learn that they are amazing sleepers and snugglers. 

Mr Austin was no exception. He snored and grinned his way through each pose and didn't complain to much about all the squishing and stretching we made him do. I think might learn to prefer all the these three/four week old babies, they are all so rolly polly and hairy! Just look at all that soft fur.

He was impossible not to cuddle. 

Baby Esme

Oh my heart. I get so attached sometimes. Esme and her doting big sister gave me baby fever. 

It was so nice to follow along with Olingers from their pregnancy to snuggling their brand new daughter. This session was such a delight