Where Should We Go?

Sometimes choosing a location for your portraits is easy. Some clients have their heart set on Grandpa's farm, or the creek behind their house or maybe its even their own living room. But many clients find it really hard to choose a location, and that's okay. I'll help you out!

Below are some of my favourite places, maybe one will become your favourite too.

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Jackson Park

Jackson Park has a wonderful forest to explore and looks great in every season.

Pros: Old Growth Forest, Well Maintained Green Spaces, Dozens of Trails, Lots of Autumn Colour, Several Rivers, Creeks and Bridges, There is Shade

Cons: Looks Dark When Overcast, Doesn't Have an Obvious Sunset or Sunrise, There are No Flowers, the Photographer May Get Your Feet Wet ;) 

Accessibility: Low/Medium - Portraits can be taken mere feet from the parking lot, but most picturesque areas are a five minute hike away that includes hills and tree roots.   

Best Season: Any Season!

Best Time of Day for Light: Early Morning and Late Afternoon, BUT It Has Spaces to Shoot at Anytime

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Millennium Park 

Millennium Park has a lovely blend of architectural and botanical elements that look great in every season. 

Pros: Dynamic Architecture, Riverfront, Well Maintained Gardens, Rail Road Tracks, Ponds, A Bridge, Looks AMAZING On Rainy Days

Cons: Heavy Foot Traffic, Limited Shade

Accessibility: High - Portraits can be taken mere feet from the parking lot and a flat paved path is wheelchair and walker appropriate.

Best Season: Any Season!

Best Time of Day for Light: Late Afternoon, or Overcast Day

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Burnham Woods

Burnham Woods is a lush wonderland of trees and ferns and fallen logs with a carpet of leaves all season long. 

Pros: Old Growth Trees, Stunning Sunsets, Lots of Autumn Colour

Cons: Can be Buggy, Paid Parking, Dark when Overcast, Limited Features/Only Vegetation, Nearby Highway is Very Loud

Accessibility: Medium -  Portrait area is near the parking lot and the paths are well maintained with a gentle slope. Hiking into the bush is possible but isn't necessary. 

Best Season: Summer or Autumn

Best Time of Day for Light: Late Afternoon

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The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree is a favourite spring and summer haunt.

Pros: Apples Blossoms, Fresh Red Apples, Lovely Afternoon Light, Grass Fields, Wild Flowers

Cons: Can be Buggy, Steep Hill, Limited Seasons

Accessibility: Low -  Portrait area is a 2 minute hike down a VERY steep hill with a well maintained path. 

Best Season: Spring or Autumn

Best Time of Day for Light: Late Afternoon

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London St Bridge

The London Street Bridge has a nice blend of architecture and nature and looks as good in the rain as it does at sunset.  

Pros: A Bridge, An Island, Apple Trees, Wooded Paths

Cons: Lots of Foot Traffic, Distant Parking, No Shade

Accessibility: Medium -  Portrait area is a good walk in on paved pathways suitable for wheelchairs or walkers. 

Best Season: Spring, Summer or Autumn

Best Time of Day for Light: Late Afternoon or Overcast Days

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Harold Township


The Harold Township Conservation Area has a large open field that looks great with an Autumn sunset.

Pros: Wooded Paths, Wild Flowers, Tall Grass, Long Sunsets, Autumn Colours

Cons: No Shade, Limited Limited Features/Only Vegetation

Accessibility: High - Portraits can be taken mere feet from the parking lot.

Best Season: Summer or Autumn

Best Time of Day for Light: Late Afternoon or Overcast Days


The Studio

The Studio can look great anytime of day and any time of year. Some sessions just work better under controlled lights and frankly some people just want climate control. 

Pros: It's warm, it's dry, it's winter baby friendly, it can be decorated in any way you like

Cons: It's REAL small and not as dynamic as outside

Accessibility: Medium - There are three steps to get in the house, so not wheel chair accessible

Best Season: Anytime

Best Time of Day for Light: Anytime

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A Place of Your Own


There might be somewhere special in your life that you'd just love to have included in your pictures. That's great! Here's a quick guide to make sure your location is the right choice for you.

Where is the sun?

Sunlight looks best in photographs when it is streaming in from the side (sunrise/sunset) rather than falling from above (high noon). Sometimes it doesn't work to be shooting at 8am or 7pm so if you are compelled to shoot at a bright time of day your location needs to provide shade and shelter from the harsh sun.

Shade may be a tree line, or a barn, or a church wall, or a sprawling willow but it must be present. An open beach or a hay field it not a good choice for a 2:30pm photo session. 

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What will we see?

You are the subject of your photos. Your environment should serve you and not distract. In choosing our location ask yourself if there are any distracting elements in that space. Will there be pedestrians, or vehicles, or telephone poles? 

Beautiful backdrops come in all shapes and varieties. Sometimes they are winding trails and sometimes they are old sheds or your back porch but they are almost never cottage yards filled with lawn chairs. If in doubt; ask or send me a cell phone picture. There are probably places you never realized make great pictures just waiting to be discovered. 

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Where are the hiccups?

  • Will there be bugs?
  • Will there be wind?
  • Will there be mud?
  • Will there be a hike?
  • Will it get dark?
  • Will there be rain?
  • Will there feet of snow? 

A location is not necessarily a bad choice if an answer to any one of those questions is a "yes". I'll wear bug spray, or snow shoes and I'll willing get muddy but the best photo sessions plan for those things. Let me know what to expect and I'll make sure we have the tools to make your session awesome. 

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