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I like to have all your details written out one place (especially if we've been chatting over Facebook Messenger) so I can contact you if something needs to be changed and so that I can have all the right equipment and props on hand.

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Preparing for Your Session


These Mommy and Me Minis are VERY minimalist. The goal is to see you and your child and nearly nothing else. It is ALL about you.

Thinking through your clothing choices will be a big part of making the images from this session something you will treasure forever. 

Be comfortable. You are going to be twisting and turning and sitting and standing so choose clothing that is the correct size and is relaxing to wear. Your clothes are not the focus of the shoot, the relationship between you and the little person whose hand your holding is the focus. Finding items that you feel good in will allow you to keep your attention on the important things. 

Be timeless. Some patterns and prints age poorly as do exaggerated fashions. Your portraits will be loved for decades so when planning your wardrobe choose subtle patterns, understated colours, and avoid brand names and graphics. Some styles just scream the year they were fashionable in. These images will hang on your wall for a lifetime so do your best to avoid choices that will make 2040 you giggle or blush. :) More skin is better over all. Your skin is timeless and it's in fashion forever. Bare feet, bare arms you'll be you now and decades from now, plus you'll forget how little her hands were or how knobby his knees looked and be thankful you have a memento from this time.  

Be You and Let Them Be Them. Complement rather than match each other. Unless you are in a band, identical t-shirts and jeans are unfitting. Clothes that coordinate result in much nicer photos and allow everyone to show off their personalities while still looking like you belong together. Choose from the same colour family, or build off one person’s printed dress.  

Your Child

Get some sleep. Schedule your session with your children’s naps in mind. Right after a nap and snack is ideal.

Bring a snack. I know there are “puffs” in your purse. It’s okay. You can use them. Your child should eat before the shoot but if they need a pick-me-up during the shoot having a snack on hand makes everyone happier.

Bring a comfort item or two. That might be a stuffy, or a book or maybe it's a boob/bottle depending on your child's age. In case we are teething, or feeling shy and no amount of silly dancing or singing will comfort, a favorite object or activity can be wonderful source of comfort and an image you might really treasure. 

Naomi Lucienne Photography180328 FULLSIZE_-15.jpg

Some Additional Clothing Tips:

Because of the white/off white background used in this shoot I recommend choosing muted colours: blush pink, heather grey, lavender, mint, baby blue, or beige will work best. Hard colours like cherry, emerald or navy will overtake the white the background and you. 

If you are going to wear white or a sheer fabric check yourself out in sunlight. Under the right conditions your top may be see through and you may be displeased with the results. The studio lights are very bright and a dark bra will definitely show up. 

If your shirt buttons up the front ensure that your buttons close completely and that the fabric lies flat.

Bra straps can be sneaky. Sometimes it is necessary to pin them.

Check out your makeup once you are in sunlight. Is your foundation blended well? Do you have lipstick on your teeth?

Are your lips chapped are your hands dry? You will be smiling and laughing and snuggling a lot in the next 1/2 hour so lip balm and moisturizer is always a good idea.

Arms and legs make up the lines and angles of most portraits. When portraits are taken above the waist arms can either lengthen and thin a profile or break it up. Sleeveless, capped sleeves and 3/4 / full length sleeves all work well. T-shirts break up the arm in an unflattering way and are strongly discouraged.

If you wear glasses make sure they are clean. I can’t tell that they are dirty while I am shooting but I can always tell once the editing starts.

I am going to see you finger nails and toes. I am gardener, I won't judge! But, if you've been digging around in tulips or had a pedicure at Christmas you'll know that from the pictures. You're a parent and your busy but you will want to make some time for toes and fingers before your session. No need to be fancy, just clean. :)  

Meet Me Here:

The Studio - 500 Wolfe St

There is free parking on the south side of street. 

Naomi Lucienne Photography180328 FULLSIZE_-8.jpg

Enjoy your Session.

Show up and have fun. 

During your mini session session we will work to capture the unique relationship you have with your child. We will try a variety of poses and angles and I will provide lots of instruction and encouragement so we see everyone's best side!

I have a room full of props, so if we need to wrap the baby, drop your toddler in a bucket or your eight year old wants to wear some pearls I've got you covered. 

Please Remember to Pay Me

For Mini Sessions I ask that clients pay in cash; I don't have the time to edit all those cute smiles and send out 30 invoices. I will have change on hand to break up $20's. Your session fee is $60. 

Sneak a Peek.  

Wait by the computer or phone...

I'll post one edited picture soon; usually a few hours after your session and if I've been really efficient editing I might post my favourites on the blog within a day or two. 

Receive a Gallery Invite

Within the week (though usually much sooner) You will receive a link to a gallery of all your edited images. They will be watermarked. You can favourite them, sort them, and share the link with family and friends.

Want to see an example? You can find a sample gallery here.

Download your Pictures

Every Mommy and Me Mini Session comes with FIVE(5) free images. I'll give you your own personal coupon code so you can download them right away. If you want more you can keep filling the cart and pay by credit card. Additional images are only $3/ea and are even less if you buy lots.

The pictures will be delivered to your e-mail address and will not be watermarked.

Love and Share your Pictures

Your photos will arrive as a HD digital image file (jpeg) and can be printed, e-mailed, mounted on a canvas or designed into photo gifts. They are for you to enjoy and reprint for many years to come. 

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