I am so excited to meet your little one.  

Fill out the Form Below. 

I like to have your plans written out all in one place so I can contact you if something needs to be changed and so that I can have all the right equipment and props on hand. I want your session to be all yawns and snuggles. 

Prepare for Your Baby's Session

Book your session to be no later than 14 days after birth. Babies grow more and more alert after the first week and can become very challenging to photograph. 

Baby should have a warm sponge bath the day before the shoot so that hair and skin is clean and glowing. Baby safe lotion is also recommended so that your little one looks well hydrated and smooth.  

On the day of the shoot it is best to keep baby awake for an hour or or two, not overstimulated but alert if possible, we want all their sleepiness saved up for when they arrive. 

In the hour before your session feed baby a very big meal. Milk drunk and dopey is the perfect state for a first photo shoot so a complete feed is very important. 

Make sure he/she has had a really good burp and a little massage or bicycling of the legs can encourage baby to poop before the big show.  

Please dress baby in a sleeper with zips or snaps. No onsies or pullover outfits please. We want to be able to undress without jostling and keep baby asleep from their car ride over. If the weather is cold and you are concerned about your baby growing cold during the travel, layers above their clothes are encouraged.

What to Bring

You will need to have several clean diapers, receiving blankets, wet wipes, a soother and a pair of boobs or bottles on hand during the session.

Prepare for the session to last 3 hours give or take. Relax. You just had a baby. Grab yourself a tea (I have lots), bring a snack and put your feet up.

I have everything else we need - lights, cameras, wraps, outfits and lots of props.

Come in and relax.  

What to Expect

When you arrive, baby will likely be asleep, he or she has been well fed recently and the car ride was warm and tiring.

I ask that parents not remove their baby from the car seat. Parents are familiar, and Mom especially smells like food. Baby is more likely to stay asleep if handled by someone who isn't familiar or yummy.

All sessions start with wrapped, clothed and bare bum poses on the bean bag. Most of your baby's session will take place on the bean bag with some additional portraits taken using props toward the end.

During a newborn session I prioritize: a bare bum pose, a swaddled pose, a pose that includes some outfit or hat/head band and a portrait that includes an interesting prop plus any portraits/poses you have requested or were specified in the ad. During the session we will work to keep baby warm, quiet and comfortable so that he/she sleeps soundly through the transitions of posing.

We may get lots of photos of your baby right away, or we may need to cuddle for a little while. Every baby is different. To date I have never been beat. I have yet to meet a newborn who can fight sleep for 3 hours especially when they are well fed and warm. We'll get everything done but it might take a few breaks, snuggles and snacks.

Sneak a Peek.  

Wait by the computer or phone...

I'll post one edited picture soon; usually a few hours after your session and if I've been really efficient editing I might post my favourites on the blog within a day or two. 

Receive a Gallery Invite

Within two weeks (though usually much sooner) You will receive a link to a gallery of all your edited images. They will be watermarked. You can favourite them, sort them, and share the link with family and friends.

Download your Pictures

Every free session comes with a selection of free images. I will give you your own personal coupon code so you can download your eight (8) images right away. If you want more you can keep filling the cart and pay by credit card. Additional images are only $3.00/ea and are even less if you buy lots.

The pictures will be delivered to your e-mail address and will not be watermarked.

Love and Share your Pictures

Your photos will arrive as a HD digital image file (jpeg) and can be printed, e-mailed, mounted on a canvas or designed into photo gifts. They are for you to enjoy and reprint for many years to come. 

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