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Naomi Lucienne




I'm Naomi a full time newborn and family photographer.
I love sushi, gardening, vintage clutter, the forest and stormy skies. 
My camera came into my life just before my first child was born and I have been lugging it everywhere since. I love being behind a camera, I am one of those few people who get to work at a job I just adore. Photographs are my most cherished possessions; they are time capsules, prompts to funny stories, maps of past adventures and a way to bottle up laughter, or tears, or gooey baby grins.
I get to preserve treasured moments in my family's life and in the lives of my clients. I am invited into their homes and into their lives, to see the beautiful in the ordinary or the magic in the life changing. Births and weddings, family reunions and picnics at the park; this job is a wonderful way to turn strangers into friends and to explore an extraordinary world.
I am also pretty serious about beautiful things. I am kind of a junkie for all things lovely. Clients know I'll wade through a creek in November if I think the lighting is perfect just five feet that way and I will totally shoot through a rain storm because water droplets on eyelashes leave me spell bound.  I am always up for adventure if the payoff is a gorgeous shot. 
Peterborough, has been my home for a decade, I love it here, but I'll travel anywhere you want to take me!
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