How to Order Your Photos From Your Gallery

Select "View Photos"

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Input Your Password as Found at the Bottom of Your Invitation

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Enter the Gallery By Selecting "OPEN" or Scrolling Down

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Shop from the Gallery Page or Double Click on the First Image to View Images as a Slide Show

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Select the Cart Icon to Add Each Image You Love to Your Order

You can Select to Order Just the One Image or Place the ENTIRE Gallery in the Cart

Purchasing the Entire Gallery at Once Costs 20-40% Less Than Ordering Images Individually


Select "View Cart" to See the Images You Have Chosen and Select "Checkout" When You are Ready to Complete Your Order

Remember to Use Your Personal Coupon Code to Get the Free Images That Come with Your Session

You can Find Your Coupon Code In the Body of Your Invitation

Remember if Your Code is Valued at 5 Images You Need to Have 5 Images in Your Cart for the Code to Work

Once You Have Applied Your Coupon Code Your Total Will Reflect a Discount

If You Have Chosen More Photos Than Are Included in Your Package You can Pay for the Surplus With a Credit Card

Fill In the Billing & Shipping Info and Select "Next"

The Shipping Method is Always Digital Because You are Ordering Digital Files Select "Next" 

You Will ONLY be Asked For Payment if Your Order Exceeds the Value of Your Coupon Code 

All 3 Major Credit Card Companies are Accepted

If E-Transfer is Your Preferred Method of Payment Reach Out to Me Directly and I'll Process Your Order That Way

Select "Place Order"

You Will Receive Two E-mails in a Few Moments, One Confirming Your Order and the Second Containing Your Order

Click on the "Download" Button to Retrieve Your Images

If You are Having Difficulty Downloading Check to See That Your Phone or Hard Drive Has Space 

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Enjoy Printing and Sharing!