Preparing for a Winter Photoshoot

Winter is a magical season and a wonderful backdrop for photography. The sun is often hidden behind a foggy sky creating the most flattering light and against the snowdrifts and grey skies subjects really pop.

It is a shame to miss out on the entire season because of the temperature. So don’t miss out on icicles, frosty trees and snowdrifts.


There is no way to not look cold. Your nose gets pink and runs away, you grit your teeth, lift your shoulders and your hands scurry back into shirt sleeves. The best way to avoid looking cold is to prevent yourself from becoming cold.

Layer. Layer. Layer.

It is better to wear many layers below the clothes you want to be photographed then to be forced to put on an ugly coat over top. This is especially true for children. Make plans so you aren’t forced to grab that bright pink Dora the Explorer Coat.  

Start your layering with long underwear, athletic wear or a pair of fuzzy PJs (footie pajamas are great if you are under 10). Pants, wool socks, more than one shirt and a nice thick sweater should keep you very warm.

Choose accessories that compliment what you are wearing but also keep you warm. Sacrificing warmth for appearance won’t be worth it if you look cold in return. Layer those mittens and scarves. There is no harm in being warmer than you need to be and I promise if it’s not working for photography I’ll let you know and we can drop a layer.

Bundle up right and you won’t miss out on the beauty of the winter season.

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