Smile for the Lady

I know you want good photos. I want good photos too, both as your photographer and as a parent myself.

I have wiggly kids so I get your pain.

Exhibit A:

Your daughter is not the first child I have met who has a hard time staying seated. Your son is not the only little boy who has been nervous. Hell, I meet a lot of nervous adults. But here’s the thing, you didn’t hire me to take headshots of perfectly composed models. You get those of your kids, yearly, from the school. And they look like school pictures.

There is nothing worse than a pained smile on a stiff 4 year-old.

I have some of those shots.

Exhibit B:

Together we can make your session a success; where your kids have fun and where you come away with portraits of your children looking like themselves in their happiest, silliest moments.

Here’s how you can help...

Cheese is for Crackers

“Say CHEESE! “Show me your happy face.” “Big smiles!” “Look at the lady.” These usually make artificial expressions. Your child has a natural smile, a coy giggle, a sheepish grin, a gut busting laugh; we can get all of them with a little patience and some trickery.

I have tricks. Sometimes I ask them about their teachers, their favorite music, or their favorite hobby. I guess their age wrongly by a decade. I compliment their height or their big muscles. I tell silly jokes at Mom’s expense and reprimand Dad for wiggling too much or not smiling “correctly”. I pretend they gave me a cold and sneeze loudly every time I lose their attention. Kids eat it up.

I totally need your help preforming this magic trick; laugh at my dumb jokes, play along with my threats to tickle.

Naomi Lucienne Photography - Family - 171015199.jpg

Look at it Upside Down

I am bringing props. I can’t help it. I love props and kids love props too. Often children see the magic I have missed. I will guide your child along to get the pictures I want but once I have a few I don’t mind if things go sideways. As long as everyone is being safe, let them show me how they would re-invent their world. There is no right way to play.

Naomi Lucienne Photography - Mini Session - 170806435.jpg

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

I will ask for help. I promise. If I haven’t asked, I’m okay with what is happening. I love smiles just as much as the next parent but there is a whole world of beauty in a day dreaming child. Let them wander away to catch the frog. Let them hug the dog, tie their shoe or play with a prop. Your favorite picture might be one no adult could cook up. It usually takes a kid to stop and smell the dandylions. 

Naomi Lucienne Photography - Family - 171022534.jpg